SPoD Şugariyet Awards 2020 Categories Announced!


We are happy to announce the 2nd Annual LGBTI+ Movement Şugariyet Awards, the first of which was held last year with a glittering ceremony celebrating the 8th anniversary of our organization’s establishment with the aim to make visible and celebrate the tireless work and motivation of the individuals in our movement.

Due to the circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, we unfortunately will not be able to celebrate our 9th anniversary this year like we did last year, with Şugariyet Awards, which we promised to hold annually on our anniversary to reinforce our togetherness and strength. But, we have already started working to bring the joy of the award ceremony to you with an online event. We are looking forward to November!

The significance of this journey, which we have embarked on in order to make the contributions of individuals and institutions in the LGBTI + movement – whether through work in an organization or individually, giving courage and strength to many, acting as role models, opening paths with new ideas, working with determination and hope, is in showing our appreciation for those that uplifted us with solidarity, empowerment and motivation, and celebrating our achievements.

Let us take a closer look at the individuals and institutions in the LGBTI + movement that have left their mark in our minds with their stance, voice, sphere of influence, boundlessness and struggle while fighting against heterosexism and cissexism for years, our individual and organized achievements, our stories and experiences.

What are the categories?
Best Quarantine Event of the Year

Despite having been separated from each other due to the quarantine that started in March, as the LGBTI+ community, we are not at all strangers to taking action in the face of changing social conditions, so we have sought ways to come together in solidarity and organize in various settings.

In this category, we vote for people and institutions that have stood with the LGBTI+ community with creative and innovative solutions, and show that we can be together under all circumstances.

The Inclusivity Award

During the year, some of our friends took important steps towards a more inclusive LGBTI+ movement. And they opened new areas and possibilities for each of us.

In this category, we vote for individuals and institutions that have added new colors to the diversity of cultures and identities in the LGBTI + community.

Song of the Year

Songs that lent their sound to our movement by winking at the rainbow and our diversity and that we could not stop singing are competing in this category.

The Sun of Art of the Year

The mainstream culture and art world is full of challenges in terms of representation of queer artists and productions. Queer artists and productions who have been able to leak through the cracks under the shadow of this hegemonic structure or who cannot find a place in the sector or are exposed to hate speech and targeted whenever they do are the nominees of this category.

The Huysuz Virjin Entertainer of the Year Award

Having fun and enjoying ourselves is a method of solidarity and survival for us. With this category, we celebrate the contributions of those who make us feel we are not alone, build networks of solidarity, and bring hope in us with their joy and enthusiasm.

This award will be given in memory of Huysuz Virjin in order to immortalize her name.

Muse of the Year

This award is given to those who inspire LGBTI+s and the movement with what they represent, the way they organize and their struggle for visibility. 
The candidates are made up of names that empower the movement with their drawings, writings, performances or stance, and make their voices heard through new paths they have opened in various media and platforms.

Memory Study of the Year

The history of our movement is full of milestones in our struggle against cis-hetero hegemony and we learn about these milestones from those who keep our memory, struggle, anger and enthusiasm alive through their archival work, memory studies, and oral history studies.

In this category, we vote for these individuals who contribute to carrying LGBTI+s struggle for existence in Turkey into today and the future through their work in memory studies.

Best New Act of the Year

The LGBTI+ movement in Turkey is becoming stronger and stronger each year. Those who have joined the movement this year with an impressive debut that has brought hope in all of us are competing in this category.

The International Solidarity Award

LGBTI+s are fighting for human rights all around the world. To our international friends who are fighting, we say: “Where ever you are, we see you, we hear you, we stand with you."

In this category, we vote for the struggle by individuals and organizations in the international field that captured our attention, and one more time we say “you are not alone.”

How will the process work?

First of all, we will soon announce our jury, consisting of names that expand the scope of the LGBTI + movement with their struggle and what they represent, and who give courage and strength to the movement by opening new horizons.

After collecting nominee suggestions from you, nominees suitable for each category will be determined with the evaluation of the jury and will be submitted to online voting – as it is done for the Hormonlu Domates Awards. While the jury's votes will have an effect of 30% in the voting, your votes at 70% will play an important role in determining the winners.

We will announce the winners at the online awards ceremony that will be organized in November, along with various performances and surprises. Hoping to see all of you at the award night!

Şugariyet Awards 2020 is organized with support from FNF Turkey.