Donors' Rights Statement

The Declaration of Donor Rights
As SPoD, we believe that giving and sharing improves our quality of life. We support donor
rights because we value the trust between civil society organizations, their projects, and the
public as well as the ability of donors and potential donors to make smart and safe donations.
We acknowledge that all donors have the following rights.
Right to be informed of the mission and vision of SPoD, in addition to how and where
donation revenue is spent, and the capacity of efficient management of expenditures in line
with the organization’s purposes,
Right to be informed of SPoD’s executive board and directors, and expect them to conduct
their mission with foresight and prudence,
Right to access to up-to-date financial information,
Right to receive a guarantee that donations are spent in line with the purpose of the donation,
Right to receive an appropriate acknowledgment for donations,
Right to demand confidentiality regarding donations in line with the rule-of-law,
Right to expect professional conduct from all employees that represent the organization,
Right to know whether the employee asking for a donation is a full-time worker, a volunteer
or someone who has been hired for this purpose only,
Right to request the deletion of donor’s contact information from all lists shared with third
Right to ask questions and expect to receive instant, accurate, and clear answers during the
donation process.