Executive Board

Müge Akbasan



Müge Akbasan completed her undergraduate studies in Political Science at Istanbul Bilgi University and her master's degree in Human Rights Law at the same university. She wrote her master's dissertation on the civil rights of LGBTI+ people. After university, she worked as an editor and reporter in various alternative media agencies, focusing on human rights journalism. Müge continues to do voluntary journalism. Currently, Müge works as an Account Executive in a digital advertising agency. In March 2017, she joined SPoD's Activism Program. Between October 2017 and March 2018, she served as Vice Chair of the Executive Board. She is also the Communication Coordinator of SPoD. Since March 2018, Müge has been serving as the Chair of the Board.


Osman Cihan Hüroğlu

Vice Chair


Osman Cihan Hüroğlu graduated from the Department of International Relations at Istanbul Bilgi University and received his master’s degree from the Department of Theory and Practice of Human Rights at the University of Essex. Between 2001 and 2011, he volunteered at Lambdaistanbul in various projects. He served as a board member in SPoD between 2011 and 2015, of which he is a founding member. Since 2007, Osman has worked as the project coordinator of projects on trade union rights and social policies at the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung’s Turkey office. He is a member of the Labor Studies Society. As of August 2018, he has been serving as vice chair of SPoD’s executive board.


Marsel Tuğkan Gündoğdu



Born in Mersin in 1994, Marsel Tuğkan Gündoğdu was accepted to the English Language and Literature Department at Istanbul University in 2012. After studying in this department for two years, he transferred to the Comparative Literature Department in 2014 and graduated in July 2018. Marsel also graduated from Istanbul Bilgi University’s Human Rights Law program and the summer program of Koç University’s Migration Research Center (MiReKoç). Marsel continues to work in civil society, particularly in the area of LGBTI + refugees. He is a member and volunteer of the Amnesty International Turkey Branch where he worked as an emergency action coordinator for five months and as a group activist for a year and a half. Currently, he serves as a board member at Amnesty International’s Turkey branch. Additionally, Marsel has interned at Research Turkey and the Anatolian Lit. Copyright and Translation Agency. He has worked as a reporter for Kaos GL and Yeşil Gazete. He also worked as a coordinator at Kaos GL’s “Fund Guide for LGBTI + Organizations ”project. He currently serves as treasurer at the executive board of SPoD, where he was as a chairperson in the previous term. He is also a social worker at the NEFES: Centre for Migrant Survivors of Ill-treatment, a project of the Citizens Assembly and funded by Doctors Without Borders.


Melike Arzu Şakiroğlu



Born in 1976 in Erlangen, Melike Arzu Şakiroğlu completed her primary education in Germany and her secondary and high school education in Adana. As of February 2017, she has been working at SPoD focusing on transgender rights. Since its establishment in 2017, Melike has been part of the TranSPoD group and has been working to make the fight for trans rights more visible.


Cengiz Yıldırım



After completing his high school education in Ankara Hacı Ömer Tarman Anatolian High School’s German program, Cengiz Yıldırım began his bachelor’s degree in geological engineering at Kocaeli University. Since the completion of his undergraduate degree, Cengiz has been working towards finishing his law degree at Istanbul Okan University. For three years he worked at the “Okumuş İnsan Halkın Yanındadır” project. As of 2014, Cengiz has been continuing his education studies that are free of charge, scientific, qualified and in the mother tongue of students at the university. Additionally, he has worked in the Aksak Terazi and Bilim Kazanı magazines, and continues to work voluntarily in universities as part of the LGBTI + Collective. In 2017, he joined SPoD as a helpline volunteer. Since March 2018, he has been a member of the executive board.