• ILGA Europe 

    Headquartered in Belgium, ILGA Europe is an umbrella organization of European LGBTI+ organizations working to create legal, political, and social change in Europe and Central Asia. In particular, it carries out advocacy work in international institutions such as the European Union, European Commission and the Council of Europe.


  • Transgender Europe 

    Headquartered in Berlin, Transgender Europe is a member-based organization for organizations that advocate for trans rights in Europe. and Central Asia. The organization works to improve the capacities of its member organizations and carries out advocacy work at international institutions at the European level.


  • IGLYO 

    IGLYO is a membership-based umbrella organization for LGBTI+ youth that works towards improving the capacities of its member organizations, as well as organizes activities, publishes reports and carries out advocacy work on issues concerning LGBTI+ youth.


  • ERA 

    Headquartered in Belgrade, ERA is a regional advocacy association of LGBTI+ organizations based in Western Balkans and Turkey. The association works with organizations from Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia.


  • Denge ve Denetleme Ağı