Our Principles

In line with the principles of justice and equality, SPoD develops and applies rights-based social policies against heterosexism, patriarchy, militarism, and discrimination on the basis of religious belief, language, ethnicity, age, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, physical characteristics, lifestyle, or social status. We work to produce policies against any form of social status-based discrimination and social exclusion, as well as poverty and exploitation of labor.

The SPoD advocates for the rights of those whose gender identities are not recognized under the law and who are subjected to oppression, violence and discrimination due to not identifying with any predefined categories of identity.

SPoD bases its work on international human rights laws and agreements, and reevaluates these texts through the lens of emerging human rights categories and interpretations. It defends the universality of human rights and is against a hierarchy of human rights.

SPoD acts in accordance with its internal rules of law and regulations established specifically for each of its focus areas.

SPoD adheres to principles of accountability and transparency in all areas of its work.

SPoD always stands with and for the labor rights of workers in all areas of work and in its relations with for-profit institutions.

SPoD gives priority to trans and intersex persons, persons with disabilities, imprisoned persons, and refugees in all its work, internal affairs, and administration.

SPoD gives priority to trans, intersex, disabled, and imprisoned persons as well as refugees in all areas of its work, internal functioning and management.