Academic Research Consulting

SPoD, within the bounds of possibility, tries to support the academicians who produce information and data regarding LGBTI+ issues. Before applying for support, we would like you to read the text below.


A lot of friends who do research to subjects closer to SPoD’s ask for help by communicating us. To make the process shorter and create a healthier binding environment between applicants and SPoD, it is thought to have some clauses regarding SPoD’s ideas and what researchers can expect.

At first, we have some requests from friends who get in touch with SPoD for researches. These are; 
* Type of research (thesis, paper, research, project, etc), subject, method, and what applicant expects from SPoD. These should be stated and written into a document no longer than one page (English or Turkish).
* Applicant’s resume and previous works related to research subject (if applicable)

After first evaluation, if applicant’s requests and SPoD’s expectations match, we strongly suggest a meeting between the applicant and SPoD Academy group at the office or via Skype.

As a founding philosophy, SPoD has aspired to struggle with any kind of discrimination like sexism, homophobia and transphobia. That’s why, we expect from researchers to sign a commitment letter stating their research will not include these kind of expressions.

Many applications made to SPoD is about how to get in contact with LGBTI individuals. It is obvious that these interactions can only be made with socialisation practices. Regarding this, SPoD can only be “environment” and does not actively take any initiatives. Researchers are told that the best way is to join events and activities which are open to public and create their own interaction with people through socialising with them.

We especially demand a copy of the work to place them in SPoD Library.

For any kind of communication, you can write to us