In addition to the refusal of service on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity in hospitals and other healthcare facilities, LGBTI+ individuals also experience problems due to deficient or inaccurate treatment as a result of prejudice and ignorance. In particular, serious problems arise in hospitals due to a lack of medical experts specialising in and legal procedures regarding sex reassignment/confirmation surgery. In many cases, LGBTI+ individuals fearing discrimination do not seek medical care, and their untreated medical conditions can become fatal.

SPoD collaborates with healthcare providers, associations, unions, hospitals and universities on informational campaigns to eliminate discrimination due to sexual orientation and gender identity in all institutions that provide healthcare. In addition to these campaigns, it also develops anti-discrimination trainings geared towards healthcare providers. Moreover, SPoD shares potential solutions for issues such as STD prevention, stigma related to HIV/AIDS, and sound healthcare practices regarding sex reassignment/confirmation surgery with relevant institutions, and follows relevant lawsuits through public campaigns. It aids experts by promoting support services in psychiatric clinics and at hospitals for individuals who are transitioning.