LGBTI-Friendly Municipality

SPoD bolsters the visibility of the LGBTI rights movement in the political scene by inviting mayoral candidates to take a stand on LGBTI equality and sign the LGBTI-Friendly Municipality Protocol. This protocol is part of SPoD’s work on advocating LGBTI rights in local politics. Five municipalities from three cities (Şişli, Beşiktaş, Kadıköy, Akdeniz and Nilüfer Municipalities) have signed the protocol, and have promised to work towards LGBTI participation in local politics, and equitable access to local services for LGBTI people.

Following the 2014 local elections, SPoD has facilitated efforts towards LGBTI equality by communicating regularly with these municipalities and by collaborating with local LGBTI organisations in cities around Turkey. SPoD continues its work to facilitate equitable LGBTI access to local services through LGBTI rights trainings for municipalities.