Political Campaigns

As part of its political engagement, SPoD organises advocacy campaigns.


In 2012, SPoD organised forums in four cities, in order to compile demands from the LGBTI+ community regarding the creation and content of a new constitution, and to facilitate LGBTI+ participation in the discussions about the new constitution. Demands, which were collected via forums and online campaigns, were presented to the public and to the Constitution Reconciliation Committee at the Grand National Assembly of Turkey (TBMM). SPoD’s meeting with the Constitution Reconciliation Committee was the first ever instance of the LGBTI+ Movement being recorded in the official parliamentary records. 

During the campaign, SPoD highlighted the community’s demands to include sexual orientation and gender identity in the equality clause of the constitution at various meetings with political party leaders and members of the parliament. As a result, LGBTI+ equality became one of the most discussed topics in the Constitution Reconciliation Committee.


In 2013, LGBTI+ organisations in Turkey came together at SPoD’s invitation to form the LGBTI+ Political Representation and Engagement Platform. The platform, which was formed to support the struggle for LGBTI+ rights, and to express LGBTI+ demands in local and municipal politics, created a venue where activist organisations and individuals could debate politics..


During the 2014 municipal elections, SPoD led a campaign to ensure LGBTI+ equality in local governments and to support LGBTI+ candidates. The LGBTI+-Friendly Municipality Protocol, which was initiated by SPoD to remind municipalities of their responsibilities towards LGBTI+ constituents and their rights, was signed by 40 mayoral candidates from 4 different political parties and 7 different cities. As part of the same campaign, SPoD supported out LGBTI+ candidates, and communicated to the political parties the importance of nominating these candidates in districts where they have a chance to win. 5 out LGBTI+ participants of SPoD’s “politics school” ran as municipal council member candidates.


In anticipation of the 2015 general elections, SPOD organised a campaign titled “AT SCHOOL, AT WORK, IN THE PARLIAMENT!” in order to facilitate effective LGBTI+ participation in decision making and political processes. Prior to the elections, SPoD publicly declared its demands from parliamentary candidates, political parties and political party leaders. It expressed the importance of fostering a cooperative relationship with the LGBTI+ movement regarding progress in LGBTI+ rights, and abolishing all obstacles preventing LGBTI+ people from being active on all levels of politics.

61 candidates from various political parties signed the LGBTI+ Rights Agreement, which was publicised by SPoD as part of the LGBTI+ IN THE PARLIAMENT campaign. After the June 7, 2015 elections, 29 of these candidates were elected. Following the November 1, 2015 early elections, 16 of these candidates who promised to work for LGBTI+ rights were elected into the parliament.