Trans Group Therapies

Previously organized in the Çapa Faculty of Medicine, trans group therapy sessions have been held in the SPoD offices since February 2013, on the first Wednesday of each month. These sessions are led by Hayat Çelik and psychiatrist Seven Kaptan. Moderated by trained psychiatrists, the therapy sessions primarily address questions and experiences surrounding gender identity as well as provide psychosocial support to transgender individuals who are in different stages of the transition process.

First-time participants are required to complete the registration form.

Can I join as an observer?

The sessions are free of charge and are open to everyone who is struggling with gender identity issues. Under the confidentiality agreement of the therapy group sessions, mental health professionals wishing to participate in the trans therapy group sessions as an observer may attend the meetings if they inform the trans therapy group in advance and obtain permission from the organizer. As a closed group dedicated to trans people and persons in the process of exploring their gender identity, acquaintances of the participants (family, friends, partners, etc.) cannot join the sessions, even as observers. Due to confidentiality agreements, no other participant (e.g. cisgender experts in the field or other individuals) is allowed in the meetings unless they have been explicitly invited by SPoD.

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* For the time being, all group therapy sessions are held in Turkish.