Work Life

In the struggle against discrimination, financial independence is the greatest source of encouragement for LGBTI individuals. Workplace discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity drives LGBTI individuals out of the workforce, renders them vulnerable and dependent, and exposes them to potential exploitation. LGBTI individuals who engage in sex work are particularly unprotected and often directly exposed to potential violence. In order to establish a safe and equitable work environment and to ensure job security, LGBTI individuals must have the same social rights as heterosexual couples.

SPoD strategises with experts from related fields to raise awareness regarding hiring processes, workplace discrimination, mobbing, harassment and firing processes LGBTI+ individuals encounter. In addition, it ensures that public authorities take the necessary precautions and conduct the required inspections. SPoD organises trainings for both public and private sectors, and follows court cases regarding anti-LGBTI+ discrimination in the workforce by supporting them through public campaigns. Along with other organisations including those focusing on sex workers, unions, employers and employer organisations, SPoD works to establish mechanisms to protect and support LGBTI+ individuals through collective agreements and laws.

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