2015 LGBTİ Yürüyüşü
2015 LGBTİ Yürüyüşü



    Eren completed her bachelors in law at Bahcesehir University (BAU). She was the co-chair of Gender Roles & Identities Club at BAU. She organized events against homophobia and transphobia, feminist symposiums, and movie screening events at the campus with the club which she was a member. She individually studied on the relationship between the gender roles and law. Following her graduation at 2015, she completed her legal internship under the roof of Istanbul Bar Association, and she got her license to practice law. She is the coordinator of the Access to Law and Justice Field at SPoD since April 2017.


    Following his graduations, he lectured at the TED for 2 years as an English Teacher. In December 2014, He quit his job to apply the government for the justification of his gender, and he pursue his master degree on the department of Sociology at Yıldız Teknik University in January 2015 where he began to study academically on the subject of transgender men. He registered his second master degree in Communication Department at Istanbul University in 2015. Emirhan Deniz Çelebi wanted to pursue his carrier on the field of civil society and has been elected as a member of SPoD’s board of directors in March 2016. After he took a part at the SPoD’s board of directors, he has started to work as a training coordinator at the project related to LGBTI awareness which was conducted by SPoD and the team of SECBIR (Istanbul Bilgi Unversity) at April 2017. In addition, he coordinates the SPoD’s call center, advises on gender transition process, and organizes advocacy studies with TranSPoD which is the trans advocacy group within the SPoD.


    She fulfilled her bachelors degree on psychology at Istanbul University and masters degree on Adult Clinical Psychology at Okan University with TUBITAK’s full scholarship. Because of her interest on the subject of addiction, she completed the Treatment of Addiction Education Program at Çapa. Between the years of 2007 and 2013, she worked at different schools with the groups related to addiction and consult young people and their parents as a volunteer. She worked with individual consultants, family groups, intern trainings and other training program at a psychiatric hospital with a large capacity of beds for almost a year. Following her master education, she took a part as a psychotherapist, lecturer and supervisor at different institutions and she designed therapy practices for schools and offices. She become the advisor of many projects especially at the disadvantageous working areas. She believes that psychotherapy works with methods of tailor made, integrated and life based approach, and she works in accordance with adolescent and adult based cognitive behavioral therapy, and schema therapy. Along with her study at the clinic, she is also the psychosocial support coordinator at SPoD.


    Müge Akbasan has earned her bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Istanbul Bilgi University. She is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Human Rights Law in the same university. She gained experience in cooperation and communication during her high school and university years when she worked as a trainer in youth camps. Upon graduating from university, she worked as editor and reporter in various alternative media agencies. She continues her work as a reporter on a voluntary basis. She is employed at a digital advertising firm as Customer Manager. In March 2017, she participated in SPoD’s Activism School, which started her active involvement and work in the organization. She regularly attends workshops and trainings in order to strengthen and expand SPoD’s communication strategies. She has acted as the Co-Director of Communication since June 2017; and as Vice Director of the Board since October 2017.