Psychosocial Support for Refugees

The works give in to refugees at SPoD covers LGBTI refugee related activities. Main reason for that is, even though there are other organizations supporting refugees in general, a support and solidarity mechanism is in need of specifically focuses on LGBTI refugees’ problems.

Especially, Syrian LGBTI Refugees form one of the most vulnerable groups among general refugee groups. These people have already came to Turkey with war trauma, and beyond all the problems they have faced, they also face more gender based violence and discrimination because of being sexual minority.

Not only have Syrian LGBTI refugees’ in Turkey social and economical rights, but also their reach to inherent rights are limited. For most of them the level of discrimination has reach up to threat of their lives; which unfolds the need of the emergency need of safe areas.

In its work with refugees, SPoD’s primary aim is to provide them with a safe space; and then, within this safe space, to work towards reliving the difficulties refugees experience daily by empowering them in many aspects with its psychosocial support efforts. To this end:

SPoD office has been hosting the “Tea & Talk” meetings organized by Syrian LGBTI refugees. Participation to these meetings, where participants share their experiences with commonly encountered problems, is growing steadily.

The psychosocial counselling support offered by our organization includes, services offered to individuals such as social guidance and psychotherapy, interactive training activities planned to meet the group’s specific needs, events and activities organized to strengthen their bonds and communication with LGBTIs from Turkey, group activities based on psycho-education, and conversations with guest speakers from various fields. All these activities are free of charge and do not require any knowledge of Turkish.

Aside from the above mentioned endeavours, SPoD also makes a strong effort to provide support with written documents such as the information on its website and print brochures, as well as with referrals to other organizations and agencies, and by following up on cases.

Our work with refugees is overseen and conducted by the multifaceted support of experts in the field, as well as with the active participation of our volunteers and our activism working groups. We believe that Syrian LGBTI refugees can actively participate in the LGBTI activism movement due to the support and solidarity channeled through these activities and efforts where they will have a relatively safe living space and improve their mental health, and raise their awareness on the subjects of gender identity and sexual orientation.