First Part of the Film Activism Workshop Takes Place

Film Activism Workshop, which developed out of the first meeting between SPoD and the Swedish feminist school Kvinnofolkhögskolan 2 years ago, took place this year with the participation of activists from all around Turkey, and with the support of the Swedish Institute.

8 activists associated with LGBTI+ organizations from Edirne, Kocaeli, Ankara, Antakya, Izmir and Istanbul participated in the 3-day workshop.

The workshop consisted of trainings on Stop Motion animation, production and editing techniques and hands on practice. Participants worked on short animated documentaries and critiqued the final products.

As a result of the workshop facilitators Eva and Nasrin’s “each one teach one” method intended to democratise education, the participants will be able to disseminate the technical knowledge they attained during the workshop to others.

After the first part of the workshop, which was both productive and fun, the participants filled with the excitement of their film projects said their goodbyes until their next meeting in December.