HIV Studies

Since 2020, in the guidance of the experiences and needs of LGBTI+ people living with HIV, we have been producing policies and statements to empower the individuals and address the discrimination they face. Initially, by focusing on improving the capacities of other working areas within the association, we started to provide trainings on HIV awareness and living with HIV to the LGBTI+ HelpLine and Sunday Talks / No-Distance Talks volunteers, Legal Team, Psycho+ Team and Social Work teams within the association. At the same time, these trainings were included in the association’s training content for lawyers, social workers and psychologists. Thus, human rights violations and various discriminations that LGBTI+ people living with HIV are put to have become one of our most important agendas.

HIV Studies Team

Our HIV Studies Team consists of volunteers who are engaged in research on HIV, discuss HIV policy and live with HIV. In monthly meetings, we follow the academic and socio-political agenda of HIV in Turkey and the world and discuss health policies, living with HIV, discrimination, stigmatization, and rights violations. Based on these discussions, we produce different advocacy activities; and organize discussions, trainings, workshops, and meetings.

As SPoD, we aim to be a platform where LGBTI+ people living with HIV and those who have HIV in their lives can be solidarized, empowered together and produce social policy. On December 1, 2021, we published a manifesto based on the personal experiences of volunteers on HIV and evaluating the current situation in the country. You can learn more about the manifesto titled “You Can’t Do Anything for Us Without Us (BİZ OLMADAN BİZİM İÇİN BİR ŞEY YAPAMAZSINIZ)”, which discusses the establishment process of the manifesto, the reasons for its foundation, its objectives and the approaches.

* Providing participatory support for academic research is not one of the priorities of the HIV Studies Team. You can call our LGBTI+ HelpLine (0850 888 5428) for your questions and consultations on HIV.

For your questions, suggestions, and further information, you can contact us via e-mail at [email protected].