Mental Health

As SPoD, we work to ensure that LGBTI+ people have access to mental health services without discrimination and obtain the appropriate support for their gender identity, sexual orientation and other psychological problems. In addition, we carry out studies on the psychological effects of social problems such as discrimination, exclusion and bullying experienced by LGBTI+ people. We establish relations with university departments in the field of mental health, organize events, seminars, and support mental health experts in the field by preparing publications.

Psycho+ Team

SPoD’s Psycho+ Team consists of psychologists, psychological counselors and psychiatrists who participated in the Mental Health Workshop. As SPoD, together with the Counseling Network, we conduct various workshops and supervisions for other association volunteers and employees, covering topics such as crisis intervention, interview techniques and self-care workshops. In addition, with our volunteer team, we develop strategies for mental health studies and psychological support referrals, as well as organizing events, workshops, and publications in the field of mental health.

Counseling Network

SPoD’s Counseling Network consists of semi-volunteer counselors who attended the Mental Health Workshop, continue their supervision work with regular peer supervision and provide psychological support to LGBTI+ people who are referred. After preliminary interviews, we provide psychotherapy support (individual therapy, couple therapy and family therapy) with our Counseling Network, which consists of counselors trained in gender identity and sexual orientation. In addition, we also provide referrals to psychiatrists according to the results of the evaluations. Together with the Psycho+ Team, we also organize various workshops and supervision activities for other association volunteers and employees.

Mental Health Workshop

Psychologists, psychological counselors, and psychiatrists are joining our Psycho+ Team and Counseling Network after their participation in the Mental Health Workshop titled “” How to Approach Cases Related to Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation”, which we have been organizing since 2013. With this workshop, SPoD aims to increase the number and capacity of mental health professionals engaged in the struggles for LGBTI+ rights.

In these workshops, topics such as Basic Concepts, Myths, LGB Relationship Dynamics, Shame Theory, Internalized Phobias, Approaches and Interviews on Sexual Orientation, LGB Sexual Health, Sexual Orientation Development Process and Coming Out Processes, The Chemsex, Working with Trauma, Living with HIV, Sex Work and Hate Crimes, History of LGBTI+ Movement in Turkey, Development of Gender Identity, Appropriate Therapeutic Approach in Gender Reassignment Process, Hormone and Surgical Treatment in Gender Reassignment Process, Case Examples and Experience Transfer are all covered by experts and rights defenders working in related fields.

How can I apply for psychological support?

You need to fill in the Psychological Support Pre-Registration Form to apply for our support and counseling services. After completing the form, you will be contacted via e-mail within 5 business days at the latest. For more information, you can call our LGBTI+ HelpLine (0850 888 5428) or contact us via e-mail at [email protected].

Psychological Support Pre-Registration Form (TR)