LBQ Meetings Report
From 2015 to Today Prohibitions on Istanbul LGBTI+ Pride Marches
Gender Equality Report in the Context of LGBTI+ Rights at State Universities in Ankara and Istanbul: The Current Situation and Discrimination against LGBTI+ Community
An (Insider’s) Look at the Legal Agenda of LGBTI+ People: 2019-2020
Constitutional Demands of the LGBTI+ People in the Struggle for Equal Citizenship
Research Report On LGBTI+ Persons’ Access to Social Services During The Pandemic
Onurhan Solmaz and Black Pink Triangle Izmir Association of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Studies and Solidarity against Discrimination v. Turkey (Application No. 42711/13)
Written Contribution on the position of LGBTI persons to the 3rd Cycle of UPR of Turkey