Who We Are?

Founded in 2011 with the dream of a fair, equal, and free world under the rainbow, SPoD provides legal, social, and psychological counseling to LGBTI+ people. In addition to running campaigns and following up cases, SPoD continues to train institutions and municipalities, mental health experts and lawyers. As SPoD, we have been conducting academic research, organizing seminars and panel discussions. We are working on election campaigns together with schools of politics and activism. We also organize advocacy meetings by forming support groups. SPoD has a dedicated network of professional staff, volunteers, and experts to carry out all these activities.

Our Mission

SPoD’s mission is to contribute to the development of necessary social policies for a life in which lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, intersex and plus (LGBTI+) people living in Turkey do not feel oppressed because of their gender identity and sexual orientation.

Our Vision

In addition to our advocacy work, SPoD’s mission is to set an example for public institutions by developing service models for LGBTI+ communities, to eliminate all forms of discrimination and, in the long term, to provide special services for LGBTI+ people through public and private sector collaborations.

Our Core Values

  1. Justice, equality, and freedom
  2. Ensuring togetherness and organization
  3. Solidarity-based, collective strength
  4. Rights-based, service and advocacy oriented
  5. Acceptance and participation in collaborations
  6. Welcoming and representing diversity
  7. Transparency and accountability