LGBTI+ HelpLine

As a peer support system, the LGBTI+ HelpLine has been in service since 2017 to provide accurate, up-to-date and reliable information for questions and problems centered on gender identity and sexual orientation.

With the LGBTI+ HelpLine, which is run by volunteer peer counselors who receive comprehensive training and regular supervision, we provide counseling to LGBTI+ people on issues such as discrimination and violence based on gender identity and sexual orientation, sexual health and sexually transmitted infections, gender reassignment process and military exemption process. We also provide emotional support on issues such as the coming out process, peer bullying, family relations and relationship difficulties.

Based on their needs and requests, we’re directing the applicants of the LGBTI+ HelpLine to SPoD’s experts in the relevant fields of legal counseling, psychological support and social works.

How can I reach the LGBTI+ HelpLine?

The LGBTI+ HelpLine, which provides anonymous service in Turkish language, offers free support verbally at 0850 888 54 28 (0850 888 LGBT) from Tuesday to Friday and Sundays between 12.00-18.00, excluding public holidays, as well as in writing via [email protected] e-mail address.