Sunday Talks

Launched in 2016 as “Coming Out Sessions”, Sunday Talks are organized face-to-face at a predetermined location. These meetings, which are free of charge and do not require an appointment, are facilitated by peer moderators who have received extensive training and regular supervision from SPoD.

On Sunday Talks, we are discussing a different topic every week, including coming out, gender identity, sexual orientation, relationships with family, difficulties in romantic relationships, coming out, heartbreaks, expectations, and all the Tea that exists in the lives of LGBTI+ people and affects LGBTI+ people.

Each week in these meetings, where the need to create safe spaces is essential, we determine a topic and announce it, and together with the participants, we exchange experiences, feelings, and thoughts about the topic every Sunday at 14.30.

Sunday Talks aim to enable LGBTI+ people to come together to talk about their experiences, to exchange ideas and to support one another, in a safe environment where they do not hide their gender identity and sexual orientation.

* There is an age limit of 18 in our talks.

How can I register for the talks?

You must register by following the announcements we make every week on our social media accounts and website and you must be at the venue on the day and time of the talk based on the venue information sent to you the day before the chat. Since providing a safe space is among our primary objectives, the time and place of the chat is e-mailed to you the day before the chat and this e-mail should not be shared with anyone. Since late participation is not accepted, we recommend you to be at the venue on time.

For your questions, suggestions and more information, you can contact us via [email protected] e-mail address.