Social Work

As SPoD, we provide support and consultancy services on various issues such as housing, social assistance, access to support mechanisms after violence, job application processes to protect the existing psychosocial well-being of LGBTI+ people and to develop their personal and environmental resources. We establish relations with university departments in the field of social work and support social work experts in the field by organizing events, seminars, and publications.

Social Work Team

Our Social Work Team consists of social workers, academics and social work department students who participated in the Capacity Enhancement Program for Social Workers. With our volunteer team, we contribute to the production of content related to the LGBTI+ people in the field of social works. We organize events and workshops in the field and engage in advocacy activities.

Social Workers Network

Our Social Workers Network consists of social workers who participated in the Capacity Enhancement Program for Social Workers, who have worked and continue to work with LGBTI+ applicants. Through this network, we are in solidarity and exchanging information with social work experts from various provinces of Turkey, especially Istanbul. We also ensure that LGBTI+ people who reach SPoD receive support from social work experts who have received orientation in this field.

Capacity Enhancement Program for Social Workers

Social workers join our Social Work Team and Social Workers Network with the Capacity Enhancement Program for Social Workers titled “LGBTI+ Basic Concepts and Intervention Methods”, which we have been organizing since 2017. With this program, we aim to increase the number and capacity of social work experts engaged in the struggles for LGBTI+ rights.

In this program, topics such as LGBTI+ Basic Concepts, Frequently Asked Questions, Myths and Facts, Gender Reassignment Process, Coming Out Processes, Sexual Health (CYAE-HIV-AIDS), The Role of Social Workers as Consultants in LGBTI+ Field, Case Analyses are lectured by social workers and defenders working in related fields.

How can I apply for social work support?

You need to fill in the Social Work Support Pre-Registration Form to apply for our support and counseling services. After completing the form, you will be contacted via e-mail within 5 working days at the latest. For more information, you can call our LGBTI+ HelpLine (0850 888 5428) or contact us via e-mail at [email protected].

Social Work Support Pre-Registration Form (TR)