No-Distance Talks

Sunday Talks, which we have been organizing regularly since 2016, continue on online meeting platforms under the name of No Distance Talks with the intention of keeping in touch despite the physical distance that separates us since the COVID-19 pandemic. These meetings, which are free of charge and do not require an appointment, are held with peer moderators who have received extensive training and regular supervision from the association.

We address a different topic every week, including coming out, gender identity, sexual orientation, relationships with family, difficulties in romantic relationships, coming out, heartbreaks, expectations, and all the Tea that exists in the lives of LGBTI+ people and affects LGBTI+ people. Each week in these meetings, where the need to create safe spaces is essential, we determine a topic and announce it, and together with the participants, we exchange experiences, feelings, and thoughts about the topic every Tuesday at 20.00.

Even though the days of the pandemic are behind us, No Distance Talks aim to keep in touch with LGBTI+ people all over the world, wherever they are, so that all of us can connect and stay together.

* There is an age limit of 18 in our talks.

How can I register for the talks?

You need to follow the announcements we make every week on our social media accounts and website, fill out the registration form updated weekly and use the zoom link sent to you the day before the chat to join. As providing a safe space is one of our primary objectives, participants are required to participate in these online sessions with their camera turned on. We advise you to join the chats on time as late participation is not accepted.

For questions, suggestions and more information, please contact us via e-mail at [email protected].