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Kendinden Ayırma Beni


We are setting out to show what can be achieved through solidarity and to discover the doors it can open!

LGBTI+ people often cannot access fundamental rights such as the right to housing, employment, health, and education, which everyone should have equal and fair access to. Many LGBTI+ people struggle even for the right to life.

At SPoD, we have been working for 13 years to amplify the voices of queers who long for a fair, equal, and free world under the rainbow and to support their struggles. We endeavor to raise awareness in society about the rights violations and discrimination faced by LGBTI+ people. We remember how each queer whose lives we touch has become stronger and how their stories guide us.

We want to be the first door that LGBTI+ people across the country will knock on when they are in trouble or feeling down. With our counseling hotline, from land to land, and our online meetings, we strive for LGBTI+ people to access their rights with the help of our dedicated mental health, social service, and legal teams. Through our work in political participation, academia, and culture and arts, we aim to enable LGBTI+ people to exist in all areas of life with their own identities.

While doing all this, we need a supportive hand by our side. We believe that this hand, which will lift us up when we fall and give us strength when we are tired, will come from you. To our LGBTI+ community and our allies, we say “Hold Me Together With You” to you.

As the pride month approaches, we call on LGBTI+ people and allies to increase solidarity. We urge our movement and those who stand by it to be stronger together. To remain accessible to queers across Türkiye, we need your support. We know that every bit of support can touch the life of queer people and create significant transformations. Even though they tell us that we are just a tiny drop in a huge ocean, we know that huge oceans are made up of drops that come together.

This year, during pride month, we will talk about how we have touched the lives of LGBTI+ people for 13 years and share our dreams for the LGBTI+ community in Türkiye. We invite you to make these efforts visible and support us in celebrating our past and sharing our dreams for the future.

As it does after every dark winter, this year we welcome our pride month with hope. We are very hopeful that we will celebrate it together again!